Best Business Names: Important Decisions for Business Development

When you are starting a business, one of the more difficult decisions you need to concentrate on is what to name your commercial venture. It just can’t be any name because this will become your brand. The best business names are those that reflect the personality of the entrepreneur and the business itself. With this […]

Quick Business Branding Advice For Small Businesses

As many small businesses typically do not have the budget for highly priced consultants, research costs and nationwide advertising we have put together a few pointers that you should consider to help you create the right results for your brand. Creating a brand is the most singularly important thing that you will benefit your small […]

Is Your Business Logo Really An Asset?

The power of presence Ultimately, you want your company’s name shown anywhere and everywhere, on the lips of your customers, competition and vendors. Using a simple message and a consistent theme, marketing, advertising production and public relations doesn’t actually cost as much as you think and you will probably be surprised just how inexpensive it […]

The Horror of Choosing the Wrong Domain Name

Most new small businesses understand how important it is to have a strong website to help promote their business. Whilst this is commendable, the choice of a domain name is often not given sufficient thought and the horrors of making the wrong choice only become evident when it’s too late. It’s worth remembering that choosing […]