Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I edit the logo?

A: Yes you can and there are two options.

Option 1 – All our logos are supplied to you in two file formats; a PNG image with a transparent background suitable for using immediately on your website plus an Adobe Illustrator file which contains the original artwork for your logo. If you have the Adobe Illustrator software you can easily edit the logo yourself or if you use a Designer, they will almost certainly have the software to make any changes you require.

Option 2 – We offer a simple logo customisation option for only $39.95 which will allow you to change colors, fonts or make minor changes to elements of the logo. During the checkout procedure, you’ll be offered the chance to add the customisation option to your cart so you simply add it and continue your checkout.

Q: Who does the copyright of the logo belong to?

A: Once we receive payment for your desired brand, the copyright ownership of the logo passes to you.

Q: Are the logos subject to any trademark?

A: No – as we don’t know what type of business will be buying the brand or where in the world they will be operating it is impossible for us to add trademark protection to our brands. However, as you will own the exact-match domain name, it makes it very difficult for somebody to duplicate your brand and in reality, brand copying for newer businesses is very rare. If you wish to protect your brand by trademark you should consult a Branding Lawyer in the country your business is based.


Q: Who currently owns all the domain names for your brands?

A: We do – unlike some websites that offer branding solutions, we own all of the domain names which ensures a seamless transfer to you when you buy from us as there are no third-parties involved. This also means that we are far more selective about what domains we aquire as we don’t want a poftfolio of poor brand names that nobody wants.

Q: How is the domain name transferred to my ownership?

A: Once we receive payment for your brand we will instigate transfer to you, usually within 2 business days. All of our domain names are registered with some of the World’s leading domain registrars so all you need to do is simply set-up a free account with the particular registrar that holds your domain name, then we simply ‘push’ the domain to your account. The whole process usually takes just a few days and there is no charge for transferring the domain to you. Once the domain is in your own account, you can then set-up your website and email as you would with a new domain name.

Q: Is there any benefit to the domain names you provide?

A: Absolutely – everyone’s acknowledges that .com is the most desirable and brandable domain name to have but for this reason, good .com domains are becoming increasingly scare. As a consequence, they are increasing in value so your domain is an asset that could potentially be sold at a later date. Furthermore, some of our domain names are quite old (up to 10 years+) and it is accepted that search engines do give some additional ranking authority to older domains.

Q: Are there any ongoing costs after buying the domain name?

A: The only other cost you will have is the annual cost of domain registration which you pay to the Domain Registrar. This is typically only $6.99 – $9.99 per year depending on the Registrar.


Q: How do I pay for my brand?

A: All of our transactions are processed by PayPal so you can securely pay with a credit or debit card. We do not currently offe any other payment gateway options however, we will be adding additonal payment options late this year.

Q: Can I pay in another currency other that US Dollars?

A: When you go through the payment process in PayPal it will automatically convert the purchase price to your local currency. We are currently developing multi-currency options for the website which we hope to integrate later this year.


Q: My question hasn’t been answered, how can I get further help?

A: There is a short enquiry form on every brand page for queries specifically relating to one of our brand names or you can get in touch with us via our contact page.