Is Your Business Logo Really An Asset?

The power of presence

Ultimately, you want your company’s name shown anywhere and everywhere, on the lips of your customers, competition and vendors. Using a simple message and a consistent theme, marketing, advertising production and public relations doesn’t actually cost as much as you think and you will probably be surprised just how inexpensive it actually is. Customers and future customers will love you and your competitors will despise you. But that means you are doing well.

Image is everything

In the world of business the first impression is a very important one. Studies have shown how customers judge a potential service provider, if they don’t feel comfortable with a company’s image and how it’s being conveyed, the chances are the customer will choose not to purchase from that company. Smart companies know that they only havea few minutes or even seconds to make a good first impression. In an increasingly competitive market place, it is essential to have a unique identity to stand out and succeed.

Your company logo can offer a powerful impact on the company’s brand establishment strategy. The logo design creates an expectation and promise of quality. It will help define the perception that potential customers have about your company and its products. A company logo outlines credibility and professionalism, increasing consumer confidence and awareness. While an image may not not immediately communicate the nature of your business it soon will. Having a simple and bold icon will help customers associate with your brand.

Brand Name

Choosing your domain name is a crucial part in creating a successful brand. Ideally choosing a memorable, shorter name that your customer can bring to mind more easily, is the best to choose. Today brands are everything, from the cereal you eat for breakfast, the clothes you wear and the car you drive. Anyone can have a web site and lots do.

To grow and prosper you want a strong online presence, as consumer trends have changed significantly and now it is far more common for customers to search on line rather then using their feet. So how do your potential customers know which sites are worth visiting, and which ones to bookmark, which ones are worth visiting more then once? The sites that customers go back to are the sites they trust. They are the sites where brand name tells them that the visit will be worth their time – again and again. The brand is a promise of the value they will receive.