Product Description

“Buyyu is an incredibly catchy, memorable brand which would perfectly suit an online retailer.”

Buyyu is a strong brand, standing directly for their customers and consumers. Directly addressing those who require the service or products of a modern company and appealing across a broad spectrum of cultures and countries. The components of ‘buy’ would specifically be desirable for consumers and ‘yu’ would insinuate a direct benefit to the consumer. It is a catchy brand name which has been created to be an easy to remember name that will encourage continued custom.

What does this brand stand for?

This brand would perform well for any business that offers a service or product aimed at the immediate benefit of the consumer. With an appeal to customers aged from 18yrs and upwards, with its catchy brand name and modern appeal. Although it has a modern appeal it would not however put off customers on the more mature side. We can see this brand performing well and remaining a dependable name for many years to come.

What type of business would this brand work for?

With so many opportunities for Buyyu it was hard to choose just five top suggestions but after much deliberation we have listed our favourites for you.

  • Health & beauty products
  • Online retailers
  • Mobile phone Company
  • Fashion Retail Company
  • Holiday companies

With such a versatile brand, Buyyu would be perfect branding across the board with a strong global presence and memorable and adaptable name. It has no limits and provides a strong back bone for a strong service or product.

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