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Product Description

“A short, catchy name that would ideally suit an online business looking to establish a valuable, memorable brand name.”

Notecup is an unusual brand that simply combines two single-syllable words commonly used in everyday language. Whilst the use of the words ‘Note’ and ‘Cup’ might initially sound like an odd combination, it’s based on the same branding principles as Facebook which is simply a combination of ‘Face’ and ‘Book’ – taking two common words and combining them to create a unique brand that is easily remembered.

What is the meaning of this brand?

The beauty of Notecup as a brand is that the meaning can be interpreted in many ways. It has strong overtones of an Internet-based product or service and you can imagine Notecup easily becoming part of everyday language as a single phrase rather than simply a combination of two words.

What type of businesses would this brand work for?

Due to it’s simplicity and ease of use, we can see Notecup becoming an instantly recognized brand for an online service business or software product. Thinking more laterally, the ‘Note’ element in this brand could also apply to any business involved in either literary or music services. We’re sure that if you’ve read this far then you’re probably already thinking about how this brand could work for your business. The most obvious business sectors that could make great use of this brand might be:

  • Online services
  • Software
  • Music products
  • Digital download service
  • Writing services

In conclusion, we firmly believe that Notecup is a small brand that has massive potential.

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