Quick Business Branding Advice For Small Businesses

As many small businesses typically do not have the budget for highly priced consultants, research costs and nationwide advertising we have put together a few pointers that you should consider to help you create the right results for your brand.

Creating a brand is the most singularly important thing that you will benefit your small business. A brand includes a name, logo and any visual elements such as images or symbols. This creates expectations associated with a product or service that arise in peoples minds.

If you are branding a small business ,you may not really have the advertising budget or manpower to get your brands’ message across to your customers, so your brands name is very important.
The name chosen has to be meaningful and focused to be effective.

Choosing the right domain name for your company

The human mind doesn’t deal in letters, it deals in sounds. A brand name ideally wants to be short, you want your customers to be able to remember your brand name easily. You should consider how it sounds when spoken aloud. The strength of your brand lies in having a separate and unique identity for it.

Brand Definition

The process of defining your business. Who are you? What do you do? What makes you different from your competition? You need to have all these factors well defined to create an effective brand.

Brand Identity

Also referred to as the” graphic face” of your business. Small businesses definitely benefit from having a logo. Having a strong visual iconic logo will increase your business’s memorability. 40% of people remember what they see as opposed to what they hear or read. So the colour, fonts and symbols that you use throughout your brand identity will also communicate your brand definition to your customers in a visual way that’s more powerful then using words alone. A good logo makes you look experienced and professional , and can go a long way into making your company appear credible.

Brand Message

The way that you talk about your business. What is the main message you want to tell your customers about your business? By using consistent messaging in your marketing materials you can influence many thoughts your customers have about you, and how they talk about you.